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Coir Matting

1.Coir Matting

These are made out of coir yarn, natural or pre dyed, woven on looms to make wide range of designs in varying width ranging from 45 cms to 5 meter and normally upto length of 50 meter.

Coir mattings are primarily used as floor covering material in household, offices, meeting halls, auditoriums, exhibition halls. Coir mattings are backed with natural rubber latex and are also used for sound proofing and also for wall covering.

Normal standard size of matting runners:

75 centimeters x 50 meters
60 cm x 50 m
75 cm x 50 m
90 cm x 50m
120 cm x 50m
150 cm x 50m
180 cm x 50m

2. Ribbed Matting

Ribbed mattings are a thicker version of coir matting with weaving pattern showing the surface in a ribbed like formation, ideal for area rugs and for furnishings . They are available in natural and woven or stenciled designs in coir or jute. Area rugs are usually finished with cotton fabric borders and with latex backing.

3. Cricket Pitch Matting

Available in coir or jute qualities in 3 shaft or 4 shaft weave pattern normally in natural or green solid colour with eyelets and both ends finished with leather binding or canvas. Widely used for cricket matches and cricket practice by clubs, associations and educational institutions. They are normally available in sizes:

10.06 meter x 1.83 meter (33 x 6 Ft)
10.06 m x 2.44 m ( 33 x 8 Ft)
10.06 m x 2.74 m ( 33 x 9 Ft )
20.12 m x 1.83 m ( 66 x 6 Ft )
20.12 m x 2.44 m ( 66 x 8 Ft )
20.12m x 2.74 m (66 x 9 Ft )

4. Area Rugs

Mattings made out of coir or jute or any other material is cut to rug size, ends bound or tucked in or fringed for use as area rugs. They are also available cotton / tapestry bound and with or without latex backing.

Normal sizes of Area Rugs /Mourzuks

45 x 75 centimeters
50 x 80 cm
60 x 90 cm
90 x 150 cm
120 x 180 cm
140 x 200 cm
170 x 230 cm
180 x 270 cm
270 x 360 cm

5. Mourzouks

Mourzouks have a different weaving which enables production of intricate geometrical and floral designs. They are heavy and durable.

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