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Geo Textiles

Geo textiles are permeable fabrics, generally used to prevent soil erosion they protect land surface and promote quick vegetation. Woven and non woven geo textiles are 100% eco-friendly and bio-degradable and are ideal for soil bio engineering applications. Geo textiles help soil stabilization and renew vegetation in varying slopes. They are available in different weights, mesh sizes and strengths in the following forms.

1.Mesh Matting






Needled Felt

Woven coir geo mesh mattings hold seed and soil intact on slopes drainage ways and other areas of concentrated water flow, preventing erosion during heavy rain storms. The openings between the strands give the grass or vegetation plenty of growing for natural invasion, at the same time remain stay put stabilizing the soil.

2. Erosion Control Blanket

The blanket is composed of 100% coir fibre held together by coir threads

3. Coco Logs

A compact roll of coir web covered by a exterior coir mesh netting which helps in stabilizing and revegetation of sites where steepness or high exposure to waves or current causes instability. They promote plnt growth and microbial activity. They collect and hold mineral and organic particles, provide a physically stable substrate for root growth and gradually biodegrade to leave a self sustaining erosion control system.


Coir Pith

Coir pith is the spongy material which binds coconut fibre in the husk. It is an excellent soil conditioner with its moisture retention qualities and hence is ideal for growing anthuriums and orchids. It is used also as a soil less medium for agri-horticultural purposes. Available as raw in brick form or converted into organic manure.

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