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I.Coir Fibre

Coir fibre is extracted from the fibrous outer cover of the coconut with or without retting. It is graded based on the nature of extraction, colour presence of long and short fibres, impurities etc.

a.Retted Fibre

Green husk is retted in back water, decorticated and beaten to extract the highest quality of white fibre for production of yarn, mats and mattings.

b.Unretted Fibre
Dry or semi dried husk is soaked and beaten to extract brown fibre used for making curled coir , rubberized coir mattress, needle felt non-woven geo fabrics, yarn woven geo fabrics, mats and mattings.

c. Bristle fibre
Produced from brown fibre, bristle fibres are usually the longest fibres and also the hardest, used for geotextiles and bristle making.

II.Coir Yarn & Ropes

Coir yarn is spun from coir fibre usually in two ply form. Quality and grade of the yarn is based on the type of fibre used and the nature of its twist. In addition to hydraulically pressed bales, coir yarn is available in spools, bobbins, dholls, and hanks and in cut length suitable for various industries and for agriculture and domestic applications.

  1. Bales
  2. Spools
  3. Bobbins
  4. Dholls
  5. Hanks
  6. Cut length
  7. Coir Ropes

Coir rope is a fine cordage material, tough and with lot of grip and flexibility.

III. Garden Accessories

Being permeable fabrics coir garden articles are complimentary accessories to plant protection and reservation and for healthy growing and are good friends in modern day gardening.

  1. Plant Baskets
  2. Plant Pots
  3. Coco Poles
  4. Coconut Husk Chips

5. Coir Nursery Matting

Widely used in the nurseries for providing shade to the growing plant and also for coffee drying.

6. Coir Leaf Bags

Coir Leaf bags are widely used in the tea estates to transfer tea leaves to the factories. They are also used as compact covers to serve as in transit shock absorbers.


1. Coir Fender

Tough and durable coir ship/boat fenders are available in various shapes and sizes. They have an excellent shock absorbing capacity and to serve under wet conditions resisting microbiological degradation

2. Car Mats

Low pile mats and also flat mattings with or without rubber backing and edging are used widely as car mats.

3.Rubberised Coir Sheets

Manufactured from unretted coir fibre curled to effectively utilize the resiliency of the fibre and bonded by vulcanized rubber latex , rubberized coir sheets offer a resilient product of porous structure ideal for cushioning and mattress.

4. Cricket Pitch Matting

Available in light weight heavy duty coir or jute qualities in 4-treadle Herringbone weave in natural tan or green solid colour with eyelets and both ends finished with leather binding or canvas crease in full-pitch or half-pitch lengths.

It provides the best possible playing surface where the actual turf is irregular or uneven. Both Jute and Coir have their own advantages in providing an even playing surface with consistant bounce. Jute is lighter in weight. There is a view that Jute is better over grass surface and that Coir Mats provide a tougher and bouncier pitch and better over sandy surface. But it would be difficult to say one is better over the other. 

Widely used for Cricket matches and Cricket practice by clubs, associations and educational institutions. They are normally available in sizes:

10.06 meter x 1.83 meter (33 x 6 Ft)
10.06 m x 2.44 m ( 33 x 8 Ft)
10.06 m x 2.74 m ( 33 x 9 Ft )
20.12 m x 1.83 m ( 66 x 6 Ft )
20.12 m x 2.44 m ( 66 x 8 Ft )
20.12m x 2.74 m (66 x 9 Ft )

5. Gymnasia Mats

Used in gymnasiums. They are normally available in sizes 1.83m x 1.83m and 1.83m x 1.22m with thickness of 10cm and 7.6cm

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