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Price Lists for your interested products for your desired specifications can be had on request. Our prices will always be the best minimum possible and most competitive.

Mats of standard sizes are normally packed in bales of 2 to 3 dozens and wrapped in one layer of new jute hessian. Mattings and Rugs are normally individually packed in rolls. Custom packing also can be undertaken.

Compulsory in-house quality control is exercised for every product before shipment. Our products normally conform to the upper tolerance levels of product specifications.

Delivery Period
Any normal quantities can be shipped within 20 to 30 days of receipt of confirmed order. Exact shipment periods can be given against specific quantity enquiries.

Maximum possible loadabilities of quantities can be specified after knowing the qualities.

Normally from our nearest Cochin International Sea Port. Exact transit time can be specified after knowing the port of delivery .

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