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a. Matting Mats or Jap Mats

They are made by converting coir matting cut to mat size and bonding them back side and edges with latex or rubber. Available in natural, solid colours or in stenciled and woven designs they are non skid mats quietly popular.

b. Moulded Mats

These are coir brush mats bonded into compounded rubber sheet base, embedding the base fabric of the mat into the rubber sheet producing designs on the surface of the brush mats.

c. Rubberised Coir Tiles  
An innovative product which gives the look of a tiled floor is formed by rubber backing and edging the coir matting. It gives the goodness of the natural coir and the compactness of rubber. By changing the colour tiles , limitless designs can be achieved .

d. Rubberised Coir Sheets
Manufactured from unretted coir fibre curled to effectively utilize the resiliency of the fibre and bonded by vulcanized rubber latex , rubberized coir sheets offer a resilient product of porous structure ideal for cushioning and mattress.

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